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How to optimize a rental website ?

As a seasonal rental owner, one of your major challenges is to regularly find tenants to maximize your occupancy rate and thus your rental income. And you tend to attract them to you, in particular through various advertising media on the internet (your website, your online ads ...). Here are some tips to optimize your website.

Be visible, indispensable but...

Of course, creating your website is essential to let you know, but this is only the first step. You only give the opportunity to present your offer of accommodation on the market, hoping that a tenant, can potentially be brought, at a given moment, to take an interest, somewhat, to your offer of accommodation. Exposed like that, you see your chances of success diminishing visibly, do not you? Being visible is therefore essential, but not enough.

Especially since once the tenant is willing to spend a little of his time consulting your offer, it will usually spend only a few seconds! This is particularly true since the offer of hosting services has been growing steadily over the last five years. In other words, he will zap very quickly if the blow of heart is not there from the first seconds. So you need to find the ideal stimulus to know how to hold his attention and encourage him to explore more detail of your vacation rental.

Another objective is to reassure

You should reassure your future tenants. How is that? By undertaking some common sense actions even before being in direct contact with them. Here is a list of what you can take in order to show you in your best light and reassure your future tenants :
- publish your ads on a well-known site, in addition to publishing on your website.
- Publish your ads on an institutional site, for example, on the website of the Tourist Office of your city.
- Publish bright photos that review all key rooms without exception.
- Write an exhaustive, clear and precise description of your rentals.
- Provide your complete contact information, address and telephone number. This reassures your future tenants, and presents you with available.

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